Who enjoyed their weekend? I’m at the Streets of Willow Springs coaching riders. It’s pretty awesome seeing them improve and my students make me daydream about my favorite racing experiences. The Moriwaki 250 was one of my favorite race bikes. Nothing like the entry speed fun of a small GP bike. This pic is from 2010.

Cornering practice. Gotta improve each and every element that makes up the whole to reach new heights.

One more day of coaching in Vegas today then heading straight to airport for flight home tonight. Give me what ya for students.

A still moment while on the road yesterday. I’m coaching at Laguna Seca today and tomorrow. California is a strange place, you can’t deny the beauty of its coast though. Ahhh yea.

The most energizing season. #Spring. Relaxing travel day from Sonoma to Monterey today.

Dreaming of riding my bicycle….

I’m flying home to Colorado after a solid day of training at Rich Oliver’s Mystery School. Some fellow coaches and friends from California Superbike School joined me. I was able to win the big race. Fellow @amaprosbk racer Danielle Diaz was there and we has some good battles. Thanks to Rich and Dani for the great day.

My first #mandem ride.

Sorry this is a little late for #wheeliewednesday. I’m working in Cali for the week. It’s a unique environment.