One more day of coaching in Vegas today then heading straight to airport for flight home tonight. Give me what ya for students.

A still moment while on the road yesterday. I’m coaching at Laguna Seca today and tomorrow. California is a strange place, you can’t deny the beauty of its coast though. Ahhh yea.

The most energizing season. #Spring. Relaxing travel day from Sonoma to Monterey today.

Dreaming of riding my bicycle….

I’m flying home to Colorado after a solid day of training at Rich Oliver’s Mystery School. Some fellow coaches and friends from California Superbike School joined me. I was able to win the big race. Fellow @amaprosbk racer Danielle Diaz was there and we has some good battles. Thanks to Rich and Dani for the great day.

My first #mandem ride.

Sorry this is a little late for #wheeliewednesday. I’m working in Cali for the week. It’s a unique environment.

From two awesome days of practice and learning this past weekend in Las Vegas as a student at the California Superbike School.

I just spent two unbelievably productive days in Las Vegas as a student at the California Superbike School. I do coach for Keith Code full-time and race professionally, but being a student was a massive help to improve many skills. This staff is by far the most dedicated and inspiring group. There is not a better environment available for coaching, practice and development.