Hand scooped dinner at the laundromat last night in Millville, NJ

My bicycle gives me experiences in places all over the world that I’d never find my myself in otherwise. #southjersey

I’m in South New Jersey and can’t believe the adventures my road bike is taking me on after only having it for a week. I rode down to the Atlantic Ocean over the weekend and found this creepy private property gun club community. Run down, broken houses with “No Trespassing” signs everywhere kept me on my toes.

I’m in the spandex club! My bicycle friends will probably call me out for breaking all the “roadie rules”. I’m just happy to be pedaling while on the road coaching. I’m riding a really capable and dependable Shimano Ultegra build.

Making sure all the students’ tires on the BMW’s are set at the correct pressure before coaching at Virginia International Raceway. Here all week enjoying the warmth.

Colorado Springs bicyclists, Colorado Cyclist and Santa Cruz Bicycles are at Palmer Park offering up free demos all day! Go have fun!

Got my triumph head back from Fox Performance Engines. It’s all fresh and I’m reassembling the 675R motor to prepare for Road America!

Hitting descents hard these days and getting better! But @sillydillyhillbilly witnessed me fall yesterday on a flat dirt road going 3mph, on tacky dirt. #humblingmoments

I caught Alan with his wheel building glasses on at @coloradocyclist. I’m real thankful for him (he is the best mechanic I know) and my local shop. Don’t let his glasses fool you though, this guy shreds.

We had a beautiful spring weekend here in Colorado. One more week here then heading to the east coast!